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Washington Luxe

White Mahogany - Black Set

White Mahogany - Black Set

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11oz vegan soy candle | hand poured

Fragrance Description

A sophisticated blend of Mahogany-Amber-Lavender

Washington Luxe Candles 

Our candles are hand poured vegan soy coconut candles. Each candle has a smooth creamy look and are full-bodied fragrances that last the entire burn. Wick is cotton core self-trimming. 

Our WL soy candles can burn anywhere from 35% to over 50% longer than paraffin candles. They have a lower melting point, giving them a cooler burning temperature than paraffin. This also removes the risk of skin burn and home interior damage due to messy wax. Soy also burns more evenly, minimizing the wasted wax left on the sides of the jar.

Did you know

Once melted, our soy candles can be used on your skin  as cuticle or massage oil. Disclaimer: please use at own risk. Make sure that flame is no longer burning. 


This selection is packaged in black glossy box. Candle is encased in black glass jar.

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Due to Covid-19 and our commitment to the safety of our customers, we are not accepting returns at this time. We thank you for your understanding.

Standard shipping 3-5 business days. 2 days processing time.

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